For big projects

Special conditions for big projects

You lead IT-business and your projects require high performance, maximum reliability and unlimited traffic? Welcome to «UNIT-IS»! When your project has grown to occupy more than one dedicated server, then the stability of the service starts to directly affected the loyalty of your customers and, therefore, your income. We are ready to meet that challenge. UNIT-IS is a reliable hosting partner that will not fail.

We offer individual advantageous conditions of selection, installation and maintenance of the equipment of any class, that will specify to the needs of your business.

Tell us about yourself:

For whom is this proposition

Resellers of hosting services with many clients.
Game servers with high number of online players, that need good accessibility for the CIS.
Cloud, mobile, web 2.0 applications, storing user data in the cluster.
Remote database servers, accounting, statistics, accounting of a large enterprise.
Online stores with large amounts of visitors and «heavy» content.
Scalable highload-projects: the media, forums, thematic social networks.
Your option!

Why you should place your project at us

Time is running out!

Send us information about your project and we will propose the best option in 24-hour time. Another day, and you are able to «move» to us.


From the increasing rate of your business depends our development too. We understand that and grow with you!

Right power!

We have allocated guaranteed power management separately for each server rack.

Connections decide!

Our good connectivity with the major exchange points of Western and Eastern Europe is the key to a quick access to your service.

Buy more, pay less!

Wholesale server rentals at special prices, and discounts for partner (from 10 units).

Individual approach!

Dedicated server rack of 24, 42, 56 units with guaranteed power supply and connectivity on special conditions.

Prices and service «first-hand»!

Own data center allows us to ensure the best and most cost-efficient prices.