Complete solution

Unique complex approach

Ordering a full range of services from website creation to hosting and promotion is now possible thanks to the web-studio of the UNIT-IS data center. Have a good business idea? It's time to bring it to life!

Development of a solutions to your task

Describe to us your idea and we will develop a plan of action for your project to make it to life. Strictly Confidential!

Design and Programming

Team of highly skilled designers and programmers has helped us to create dozens of web-2.0 projects using the latest web development technologies HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Django, and others. Among our works are online shopping site, active interfaces, business applications and entertainment sites.

All-in-one hosting

Putting your resource on our own platform will make it easier to manage all services, ordered from one supplier and will save you significant amount of money, which you could spen on internet marketing.

Promotion and Advertising

We work with leading site promotion and SEO studios in the CIS, which can quickly and inexpensively promote your site and attract thousands of visitors, who are interested in your product. Contextual advertising, banners displays, promotion in social networks, search engine optimization are efficient ways to attract attention on the internet.

Support and content filling

Fire your manager-rounder! We can not only place and promote your site online, but also ready to support it, fill with information, update graphics, etc. Toay its a unique offer in the hosting services market!

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