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New service: Virtual Servers built on KVM

The service «Virtual Dedicated Server» (VPS) was successfully tested and already get good reviews in terms of performance.

Virtual servers allow the use of all the benefits and opportunities of a separate physical server, combined with the flexibility of virtual settings.

You are free to re-install the operating system or restart the server. VPS-hosting is perfect for customers who do not want to share resources with other users.

With VNC you can connect to the virtual server remotely. Each parameter of the physical servers hosting monitored 24 hours a day, allowing us to save you from the "headache" service unavailable.

We use KVM technology (Kernel-based Virtual Machine).

Client can restart the virtual machine, reinstall the operating system or to connect to the server by means of VNC (analog IP-KVM for dedicated servers).

Advantages of the KVM:

  • Own file system;

  • Full control over the memory;
  • Complete isolation of virtual machines from one another;
  • VNC connection at any stage of boot;
  • Use Firewall without restriction;
  • Independent kernel and its modules;
  • Full control over the socket and process the guest OS;
  • Support for guest operating systems without any restrictions (Windows, Linux, * BSD, etc.).

The cost of VPS-hosting services start at $ 15 per month.

To get detailed information about service and place your order go to Virtual Servers