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Report on the replacement of the central router

Dear customers.

The replacement of the central router was successful and on schedule. The total duration of the downtime was 28 minutes.

The decision to replace the network core was made to meet the growing demand for a variety of telecommunication services and dictated by the principle of maintaining the highest quality standards. 

What new features have opened to our clients:

  • Advanced functionality for protection against DDOS attacks;
  • Increased safety features and protection from unwanted intrusion;
  • A more accurate accounting of traffic on each individual server.
  • Increased the number of 10 Gbit ports;
  • Improved stability and sustainability of the network;
  • More flexibility to allocate the necessary client bandwidth.

This is not the whole list of benefits of the new equipment. Most of them are about ease of construction and maintenance of the network from our side. It also significantly reduces the time spent by our technical stuff on accomplishing certain tasks you set before us. 


UNIT-IS datacenter team