About company

«UNIT-IS» is a stable, reliable and hight quality service! Team of the
data center are professionals with over a decade of experience in IT and telecommunications!

Qualified system and network engineers, developers, programmes, designers and experienced managers are always ready to assist you. A comprehensive approach to each client ensures maximum efficiency and helps to achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time.

At summer 2011 we launched our data-center with an initial capacity of more than 3000 unit. This event was the next step in the development of our team. Company itself was founded in 2011.

Data center «UNIT-IS» is a reliable partner with a full range of affordable hosting services.

Our own data center

We build our own data center by all modern standards, by putting into practice the knowledge and experience of most successful international companies.

The equipment of the new professional data center, that is located in Odessa, Ukraine and build in 2012, is located on our own technical platform. All units are provided with redundant uninterrupted power supply, climate control and monitoring and safety systems, ensuring reliable allocation of client resources and servers.

Unique complex approach

Our company has developed a unique, integrated approach to address the IT-business needs of each client. Describe to us your final goal and we will find you the best and affordable solution, we help make it a reality as soon as possible.

Development of a solutions to your problem

Describe to us your idea and we will develop a plan of action for your project to make it to life. Strictly Confidential!

Design and Programming

Team of highly skilled designers and programmers has helped us to create dozens of web-2.0 projects using the latest web development technologies HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Django, and others. Among our works are online shopping site, active interfaces, business applications and entertainment sites.

All-in-one hosting

Putting your resource on our own platform will make it easier to manage all services, ordered from one supplier and will save you significant amount of money, which you could spen on internet marketing.

Promotion and Advertising

We work with leading site promotion and SEO studios in the CIS, which can quickly and inexpensively promote your site and attract thousands of visitors, who are interested in your product. Contextual advertising, banners displays, promotion in social networks, Facebook, Vkontakte, search engine optimization are efficient ways to attract attention on the internet.

Support and content filling

Fire your manager-rounder! We can not only place and promote your site online, but also ready to support it, fill with information, update graphics, etc. Toay its a unique offer in the hosting services market!

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