Dedicated servers

Price plans
Processor, CPU
Connection port
Operation system
Price per monthwhen pay for a year *
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Free 1 day trial of a dedicated server!

Extra services

Extra IP address per month from 0 $
Extra HDD per month from 0 $
Extra RAM per month from 0 $
Hardware RAID controller per month 0 $
Extra IP address per month for 1 IP address 1 $
50GB on backup server per month 0 $
Server administration from 0 $
IP-KVM switch per month 0 $

Microsoft licenses rental

from 17 $
Windows Server 2012 R2
for 1 CPU per month
from 17 $
Windows Server 2008 R2
for 1 CPU per month
from 25 $
Office 2013
for 1 user per month
from 25 $
Office 2010
for 1 user per month
from 8 $
SQL Server 2012
for 1 user per month
from 8 $
SQL Server 2008
for 1 user per month

Dedicated server advantages

Rent of a personal dedicated server will give you full control over your IT-resources and task. We will ensure its uninterrupted availability and performance.

We save time and nerves! It take less then one business day from the moment of order to the full setup of your server.

Our technical support in the Ukrainian, Russian and English really helps. 24 hours.

Whole infrastructure of the UNIT-IS data center
is organized without any compromises, that
guarantees exceptional stability of the servce.

Location of data center in Ukraine means minimal delays and route to your ukrainian customers. We are connected to 5 separate backbone providers-uplinks and major traffic exchange point of Ukraine.

Power supply provided with two inputs from the separate substations and generator unit. Without interruption.

We have the best prices for hardware and offer a choice of parts for your server in one of the thee price plans.

Flexible configuration system is an exact match of a server to your task. All logical. + 25% discount if you pat for a year!

Features of our data center

Reliability of electric wiring

From the right choice of the type and para­met­ers of elec­tric wire de­pends re­li­ab­il­ity and ef­fi­ciency of all elec­tric net­work. For power sup­ply of each node and ag­greg­ate of the UNIT-IS data cen­ter we chose wires and cables of ODESCA­BEL, which is well known for qual­ity of it's products far bey­ond Ukraine.


Re­li­ab­il­ity of un­in­ter­rup­ted power sup­ply cir­cuit is achieved with auto­mat­ic switch sys­tem between in­puts by servo-switch from Tech­noe­let­ric (Italy), as well as auto­mat­ic gen­er­at­or start-up and con­nec­tion to the main power sup­ply cir­cuit.

Air conditioning

Main­ten­ance of the tem­per­at­ure and cli­mate pat­terns of the UNIT-IS data cen­ter is provided by in­dus­tri­al cool­ing units with high-pres­sure can­nel blocks, that de­liv­er cold air only where it is really needed.

You'll get for free

Remote power management for free
30 min. of service administration for free
Licensed control panels Direct Admin and ISPmanager Lite for free
Unlimited traffic on port speed for free
1 day setup for free
Automatic OS installation for CentOS, Debian, Gentoo, FreeBSD, OpenBSD
Installation of Windows OSs on request Windows Server 2012/2008R2 Standart/DC

Technical information

Our equipment is placed in our own technical platform of the new professional data center, located in Odessa and built according to modern standards in 2012. Equipment is provided with redundant uninterrupted power supply, climate control systems, 24-hour monitoring and security, which guarantees you a reliable placement of your website or server.

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