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Hosting of the Data Center of UNIT-IS ranked second in the hosting ranking

According to the results of the verification of the technical parameters of the hosting of world data centers by the site, namely, by the results of the verification of the transmission rate, the hosting of the Data Center of UNIT-IS took the second place in the rating with a rate of data transmission - 3.83 GB / sec .

Colocation and dedicated servers with DevOps support

The UNIT-IS data center offers colocation and dedicated servers with DevOps support for client services.

Our specialists of DevOps department will help developers of your company to customize the server software in accordance with your requirements and tasks and can support the work of your services 24 hours a day providing English-language technical support!

For those who want to develop and sell their software products today, without having an expensive and large team - placing your resources on our data center is the successful start of your project!

Maintenance on august 31

Dear Clients.

On August 31, from 4:00 to 9:00, technical work will be carried out.

Possible temporary inaccessibility of individual services.

Virtual SSD hosting

To significantly speed up your websites we offer a new service — Virtual SSD Hosting. Prices for SSD hosting are the same as for a conventional shared hosting. Our engineers will carry out the migration of customers to new SSD hosting server free of charge and at a convenient time. To transfer your site write a request.

All paid services will continue to operate on the new SSD hosting till the current end date.

An accident on one of the database servers

As a result of an accident on one of the database servers some sites will be transfered early to the news SSD hosting.

There can be temporary unavaliability of certain sites till 5:00, 31.01.2017.

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