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Virtual SSD hosting

To significantly speed up your websites we offer a new service — Virtual SSD Hosting. Prices for SSD hosting are the same as for a conventional shared hosting. Our engineers will carry out the migration of customers to new SSD hosting server free of charge and at a convenient time. To transfer your site write a request.

All paid services will continue to operate on the new SSD hosting till the current end date.

An accident on one of the database servers

As a result of an accident on one of the database servers some sites will be transfered early to the news SSD hosting.

There can be temporary unavaliability of certain sites till 5:00, 31.01.2017.

Change of billing information for bank transfer

Dear customers and partners, when making payments with a bank transfer please use these billing information:

ЄДРПОУ 37550302
р/р 26 00 431 250 98 01 в АБ «Південний», м. Одеса, МФО 328209
Місцезнаходження: 65088 м. Одеса, провулок 3-й Тимірязєва, буд. 12
Поштова адреса: 65098 м. Одеса, вул. Стовпова 21

Termination of old name servers

Dear customers,

it is planned to terminate operation of old name servers:


We remind you that two years ago, these servers have been removed from the commercial operation and at the moment will be stopped completely.

Please check your NS records at your domain registrar and change the name server, if necessary, on the:


Changing NS records takes about 4 or up to 72 hours.

If the domain name is directed to the NS:


No action should be taken.

Thank you.

Incident on November 2, 2016

November 2, 2016 there was a massive DDOS attack on customers of data center. It was successfully localized with efforts of our technical staff as soon as possible.

Some customers of data center experienced brief problems with access to their servers and resources. We are taking additional measures to improve security and uninterrupted operation of data center.

Our data center becomes even more reliable and secure to meet the highest requirements of our customers!

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