Virtual dedicated servers

Price plans
Dedicated IP
Installable OS
Price per month
1x2.5 GHz1x1 GHz
512 Mb
20 Gb
Unlimited on 10 Mbit/s
0 $/0 $
1x2.5 GHz1x1.5 GHz
1 Gb
40 Gb
Unlimited on 10 Mbit/s
0 $/0 $
1x2.5 GHz1x2.5 GHz
2 Gb
80 Gb
Unlimited on 20 Mbit/s
0 $/0 $
2x2.5 GHz2x2.5 GHz
4 Gb
150 Gb
Unlimited on 100 Mbit/s
0 $/0 $
* When ordering, the customer gets one IP-address, the second is issued on request to customer support.
** Prices in different currencies are for reference only. Check final invoice sum in user billing.
Free 10 day trial of a virtual server!

Extra services

ISPmanager Lite/Pro control panel for one license per month from 0 $
Extra IP address per month for 1 IP address 1 $

Microsoft licenses rental

from 17 $
Windows Server 2012 R2
for 1 CPU per month
from 17 $
Windows Server 2008 R2
for 1 CPU per month
from 25 $
Office 2013
for 1 user per month
from 25 $
Office 2010
for 1 user per month
from 8 $
SQL Server 2012
for 1 user per month
from 8 $
SQL Server 2008
for 1 user per month
Server administration from 0 $

Advantages of a virtual dedicated server

The service of «Virtual Dedicated Server» (VDS) allows you to use all the advantages and opportunities of a separate physical server, combined with the flexibility of virtual hosting.

Full control

You are free to re-install the operating system or restart the server.

Virtual server is completely yours

VDS-hosting is perfect for customers who do not want to share servers resources with other users.


Analog to IP-KVM, allows you to connect to virtual server remotely.

Web hosting server system resources monitoring

Each parameter of the physical hosting servers is monitored 24 hours a day, allowing us to save you from a trouble of unreachable site.

Affordable prices with high quality service

Prices for VPN hosting starts at 15$/month.


When you pay an annual subscription, we'll give you 10% discount.

Control panel

Free installation and setup of ISPmanager Light or Pro control panel.

You'll get for free

30 min. of service administration for free
Unlimited traffic on port speed of 100 Mbit for free
1 day setup for free
Automatic OS installation for CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Windows Server

Technical information

Our equipment is placed in our own technical platform of the new professional data center, located in Odessa and built according to modern standards in 2012. Equipment is provided with redundant uninterrupted power supply, climate control systems, 24-hour monitoring and security, which guarantees you a reliable placement of your website or server.

You can install any of major OSs:

Virtual dedicated serveron KVM technology

We use KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) virtualization technology.

Client can restart the virtual machine, reinstall the operating system or connect to the server via VNC (analog to IP-KVM for dedicated servers).

Advantages of KVM technology:

  • Your own file system;
  • Full control over the allocated memory;
  • Complete isolation between virtual machines from each other;
  • VNC connection at any boot stage;
  • Use of Firewall without limitations;
  • Independent core and its modules;
  • Full control over the sockets and process of the guest OS;
  • Support of any guest OS without limitations (Windows, Linux, *BSD etc.).

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