Servers and racks colocation

Server racks colocation

If you are not ready to invest in the infrastructure of your own corporate data center, but required computing power has exceeded the scope of several industrial servers, UNIT-IS offers you to rent a server rack inside the infrastructure of our data center. This will give you all the privileges of renting a server and will provide full freedom in management of your IT resources, reliably and safely.

Number of units Price Bandwidth Power supply
1 unit  $ 100 Mbits/s 200 W/ per unit of rated power of the power unit included.
48 units or number of racks for such projects we heave special approach,Big projects

Prices in different currencies are for reference only. Check final invoice sum in user billing.

Additional charges:

Connecting to 1 GB link

$ 20 (500 UAH) / per month.

Electricity when renting a rack

When renting a rack, you also pay for electricity with prices of electricity company + 10% maintenance costs.

Additional IP

$ 1 (25 UAH) / per month for each additional IP address.

VCR access

Free for a day, $ 5 (125 UAH) / per month.

Excess of bandwidth limit

When order some number of units, corresponded bandwidth limit is provided, it is not limited in any way physically, but if you exceed it, additional charge is applied.

Access to the switched rack PDU

For an additional fee you can access switch rack PDU, providing advanced load monitoring combined with remote on/off switching control.

24hour remote video monitoring

Ability to install webcam to visually monitor the status of your rack or several servers (starting from 5 units).

Protection from DDoS

To protect servers from DDoS attacks and hacking we use special equipment for diagnostics and early filtration of malicious traffic from the web.

Included in price:

100/1000 Mbit/s port

Bandwidth is not limited by any way physically.

Climate control

with constant temperature monitoring.

Limited access to the rack

Only UNIT-IS technical personal has access.

Static IP address

1 IP/ per unit

Traffic volume

5TB/ per month.

Harware installation fee

Free of charge

When renting a rack:

Autonomous 42-unit rack

with upgrade ability up to 10 Gbit/s.

Electricity counter

You pay only for what you consume.

Our principles:

We host only legal content

No warez or pornography.

Data center

Our equipment is placed in our own technical platform of the new professional data center, located in Odessa and built according to modern standards in 2012. Equipment is provided with redundant uninterrupted power supply, climate control systems, 24-hour monitoring and security, which guarantees you a reliable placement of your website or server.

Before you order

Facilities Access

Clients do not have physical access to the servers, all maintenance is performed by UNIT-IS technical personal.

Hardware requirement

All components should fit in standard 19'' 42 unit racks. Real power consumption should be no more than 200W per unit.

We reserve the right to review and possibly reject any equipment, the customer wishes to install. Possible reasons for rejection may be too high power consumption or heat dissipation, or, probably servers will seem no safe or reliable enough to us.

Placement of equipment

Placement of equipment is performed by UNIT-IS technical personal, you provide additional requirements or recommendations.

For big projects we are happy
to provide special conditions.

Big projects