Design and development

We create
not only websites
Interfaces, logotypes,
booklets, flyers,
mobile apps

Web studio of the UNIT-IS data center creates modern and attractive websites, starting from simple one-page «business card» websites to the huge online stores. We create simple to use and flexible in administration web sites for the customers worldwide.

Providing a full range of web services, we propose the creation and support of your site at any stage of readiness: development and branding, domain name registration, graphical design, programming, content filling and copywriting, site promotion with further analytics and search engine optimization, and more.

Price of each project is calculated individually. But if you think, that a good modern site is an extremely expensive thing, think again! A typical five-page website for your business will cons only $499 and it will take only one month to create.

What's the plan?
It's simple as «one-two-three»!
Study and research of the market

Each project in our studio begins with a study of customer's scope of activity. We deeply analyze thematics of an ordered website and monitor competitors in customer's market segment, because our main goal is to do better than everyone else!

After agreeing with you details and features of the future site, we prepare detailer terms of reference and begin to implement it.

Design development

Modern design is the simplicity, flexibility and maniacal attention to detail. Based on these three positions we create comfortable and «catchy» sites, easy to use and clear for amateurs and professionals alike. Following the latest trends in design, we use high-resolution graphics, lighting effects, responsive controls, work with fonts and color palette. In short, we create web design «for people». Without the use of templates!


Working on the code of the site, we strictly follow W3C technical instructions and recommendations, defined for standardization of processes among developers and designers all over the world. This means that tour site is guaranteed to work correctly in all modern web browsers, and its code will be easily manageable by a qualified person.

We understand how important it is that website looks equally good on the monitor of your desktop computer and on your mobile device. Adaptive layout, used in website creation, will fit dynamically the contents of site for any screen resolution.
In addition to graphics and text your site may have additional means of communication with users, such as forums, widgets, social networking, photo galleries, elements of e-commerce, online players and much more.
Website management
All sites we create heave a convenient internal control system and are designed for daily updates and news publications and easy management.
Text copywriting

Text filling is one of the most important parts of the site. Texts fill site with meaning and benefits you. On good copywriting depends whether a site will interest user, will they want to come back and in the end will they become customer's clients. Our copywriters know how to write texts, that captivate people and at the same time fit the needs of search engine optimization.

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