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Started having problems with site loading. Long page generation, error 503 started to appear. Please look, what's the problem?

Such problem appears on any hosting due to overuse of allocated resources for hosting account: number of simultaneous sessions comes to a border and drops the connection.

Because of this delay happens and, in particular cases, error 503.

Error 503 means, that script tries to take more, than allowed.

Solution to a problem we see in the transition to a more «powerful» price plan. In case if you already using the maximum price plan, recommend to pay attention to virtual servers (VDS) or dedicated server (Dedicated).

For price plans of cluster web hosting these are the restrictions:

CPU limit 30 sec 60 sec 90 sec 120 sec 300 sec
Memory limit 64 Mb 128 Mb 192 Mb 256 Mb 1024 Mb
Number of processes 2 5 10 20 50
Simultaneous MySQL connections per second up to 100

We do not limit CPU load in percentage. If script will create a 100% load for allotted time — site will be blocked for the time, until load goes away.