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Cluster web hosting upgrade

​Information for subscribers of cluster web hosting UNIT-IS. Informs that on April 26 we have completed a number of technical changes on the servers of the cluster hosting, aimed at improving the quality of services provided.

We would like to mention the most important key changes.

HTTP-services are now on a dedicated monitoring with automatic check of the configuration files that are stored ISPsystem software with automatic error correction before updating the configuration of apache. This eliminates the stop apache service and thereby caused an error 502 Bad Gateway in NGiNX.

SMTP-service on a separate host where centralized aggregation queued all mail. This will allow us to control the flow of outgoing mail and virtually eliminated the possibility of non-delivery to the addresses.

Backup also undergone changes. It was decided to abandon the built-in ISPsystem Cluster backuping tool and use other tools (rsync) move copy on NFS servers for backup. As a result, the time required to make a copy, as well as the load on the servers, decreased markedly.