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UNIT-IS on 8Р: Business Online 2013

UNIT-IS data center welcomes participants, speakers and partners of the third annual conference «8P: Business Online», which was held July 13, 2013 in Odessa.

First time we participated in the 8P and have to note unexpectedly high bar that organizer kept, the NETPEAK company kept at the event. Thanks to the international participants at the conference we could build a truly effective partnership with international industry representatives. If each segment of the Ukrainian business event will be held at the same level, the country will start to breathe.

In total, the conference was attended by 750 people from Poland, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine.

Top 5 cities from which the participants came, defined as follows:

  • Kiev — 31.6%
  • Odessa — 20.2%
  • Kharkiv — 10.5%
  • Dnepropetrovsk - 4.8%
  • Moscow — 4.5%

The conference program of 8P 2013 included 33 presentations from 36 speakers, and held three roundtables. A total of 1,380 minutes of useful information participants have listened.

We are pleased to be among the companies supporting the initiatives of modern developers, studios, start-ups and are always ready to support the young talents of the IT-industry of Ukraine.

Specially for young developers the UNIT-IS company offers special conditions for hosting for beginners and existing projects on the technological platform of its own data center in Odessa.

To take advantage of these special offers, you must describe the nature of your activities or project in a special form in the Contacts section.

Until the end of the summer 2013 data-center UNIT-IS invites all participants and partners 8pua use our data center (hosting, virtual and dedicated servers) on special preferential terms!